Vincentas Klemka"I am delighted for your interest to know more about the activities of the Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Centre of Technology and Business. I hope that the possibilities of our school will surprise you,"- headmaster Vincentas Klemka.

Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Centre of Technology and Business today is one of the biggest educational institutions of this type in Lithuania. It was established in 2004 on the basis of reorganization of four separate vocational schools. Right now the Training Centre consists of three structural subdivisions: The Department of Energy and Mechatronics, the Information and Visual Technology Department, and the Transport Business Department.
Training center policy:
Nearly 1500 students study every year in the Training Centre. There are 120 highly qualified general education and vocational teachers working there. Training programs corresponding to the needs of the national and European labor market are being implemented. Practical training, practice and recruitment of specialists is carried out in cooperation with the most advanced domestic enterprises.
The training center is equipped with modern practical training bases. In September, 2014, new sectoral practical training centers for the engineering industry and energy and mechatronics were opened. The investment into the base of the practical training center reached more than 6 million euros.
In cooperation with IT companies, "Akademija.IT" was founded, where for the first time in vocational education institution in Lithuania training of specialists of IT field started. The training is actively involved with enterprise IT professionals; practical training is organized by apprenticeship. Every year the range of training programs and the ranks of partners is expanding.
Akademija 2017 1Akademija IT EN1Akademija IT EN3
The training center employees and students are actively involved in the Erasmus+ exchange program. International good professional experience is shared during internships, participation in international exhibitions and professional training fairs, accepting foreign partners’ delegation.
The training center cooperates with general education and vocational schools, state schools of higher education, forms cooperation agreements with business enterprises. Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Centre of Technology and Business is a member of the following associations: Lithuanian Printing Industries Association, Lithuanian Electricity Association, Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association, Vilnius Association of Fine Arts, National Association of Information and Communication Technologies.