A multifunctional professional education and training centre with a technology-track grammar school. It provides such services as youth and adult education, secondary education, re-skilling and refreshment of qualifications. The Centre combines the labour market needs with modern IT, business, administration and services industries. It is an open and flexible organisation, continually improving itself, cherishing the creativity of the community, self-expression and responsibility as well as competence to integrate in Lithuania and Europe. The Centre has been recognised in Lithuania and overseas.



Enable students with a basic and secondary education to gain a professional qualification that matches EU standards and ensures a rapid accommodation to the labour market needs in the country and overseas;

Provide continuing education, re-skilling and refreshment of qualification services in accordance with the Lithuanian economy needs;

Provide technology-track secondary education meeting the expectations of a young person seeking to successfully study in an institution of higher education or gain a professional qualification;

Stock up teaching and learning process with modern technologies in cooperation with businesses, active participation in EU projects and developing the supply of paid services;

Create a democratic environment encouraging the formation of free, responsible and sociable individuals thanks to the dedicated teachers.