Enrolment provision

TvarkaAdmission is given to young people over 14 years of age, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or foreigners having the right to live temporarily or permanently in Lithuania.

 The citizens from other countries are enrolled following the interstate agreements of the Republic of Lithuania.

Special admission commissions made in every department of the Centre are in charge of students’ enrolment process.

 Enrolment is based on the attained level of education and documents proving that an individual completed studies in accordance with basic or secondary education curricula.The students are admitted taking into consideration the School Leaving Certificate grades and their suitability for the chosen profession.

 Priority is given to orphans, children having guardians, former residents of children’s care homes and children that have served sentences awarded by courts.

 Individuals with special needs below 21 years of age shall have to present special certificates issued by Pedagogical Psychological Service.